Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Diet Pills Like PhenQ Becoming More Popular

Four out of five people have some symptoms of nutritional deficiency, including sleeping problems, lack of energy and a bad skin condition, a survey reveals this week.

It says that growing public awareness of the need for a healthier diet has given a big boost to the specialist health food supplements, including diet pills such as PhenQ.

The survey, published by Euromonitor, an independent market research company, says dietary supplements, slimming aids, artificial sweeteners, diabetic foods and liquid foods contributed to a pounds 190 million market in 1985.

Supplements and slimming aids alone accounted for 70 percent of this total.

In the past 10 years the market for dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals and tonics, had more than trebled in value. Demand for multivitamins and vitamin C had plummeted but single vitamins, particularly B6. A and E had risen.

The overall demand for slimming foods, however, has remained fairly constant, at about pounds 50 million. Three quarters of the market is taken up by very low calorie diets, such as the Cambridge Diet, which have replaced meal replacements and appetite suppressants which were popular in the 1960s and 70s.

Sales of artificial sweeteners are still growing, stimulated by new products such as aspartame and acesulfame K, doubling since 1980 to over pounds 22 million. In the same period sugar sales hardly changed.

The survey shows that the market is still orientated toward the drug sector, with Boots selling 30 percent of all health foods.

But smaller chemists, under pressure from, supermarkets and the government limits on health service prescriptions are now also turning to health foods.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Can You Increase Testosterone Naturally?

When Germaine Greer was put on hormone replacement therapy, which included the hormone testosterone, she went wild, said now she knew what it felt like to be a rapist. That was on just a teensy bit of testosterone.

One of the drug tests on the athlete Diane Modahl was alleged to have found 40 times the normal level of testosterone. According to Dr Malcolm Carruthers, director of Gold Cross Medical Services in Harley Street, such a level should have affected her physique severely shot-putter butch, looking like a man and more hair than a gorilla.

Testosterone is a male hormone yet it is present in all females. Oestrogen, the defining female hormone, is born via testosterone. Metabolic differences are just one factor attesting to higher or lower levels. Although Modahl's apparent variation is extreme, recent research has shown there are several degrees of womanhood.

Testosterone levels in men and women change with self-made success (winning the pools has no effect, but winning a game of tennis makes them rise). Those who win make more testosterone and those who have more testosterone win. For instance, gang leaders, racing drivers, lion tamers, football players and women lawyers have more testosterone than vicars, according to Carruthers. With the advent of natural testosterone boosters such as GenF20 Plus, the question arises as to what extent women will go to become more like men.

``Women who have a competitive, male-oriented achieving life can have up to three times the amount of testosterone of a domiciled nurturing female. Women who live like men have more testosterone,'' he says.

Donald Baucorn, of the University of North Carolina, and Steve Callaghan, of Houston's Veterans administration hospital, studied the relationship between testosterone concentration, GenF20 Plus, Provacyl, and personality among females.

Testosterone is fragrant with sex, but it would be wrong to think of the testosterone drive in women as great thudding machismo. There is a female killer instinct, there always has been. Now it looms in boardrooms and courtrooms anywhere with an edge that is traditionally a male domain. For more information on natural testosterone boosters, please visit here.

Testosterone, as well as being linked to greedy aggression and other uncontrollable urges, is linked to achievement. Research has indicated that those women with more masculine attributes have a higher sense of self-esteem and self-acceptance. But what about sex? If an average female took a dose of testosterone would she be writhing around in a state of sexual predatory urges? Carruthers says that one quarter of a tablet of Volume Pills would produce an increase in libido for a woman and it would take six tablets to do the same in a man. But the bulk of testosterone in females becomes oestrogen and apparently nymphomaniacs do not test big for testosterone. Says Carruthers: ``Sexual drive is modified much more by social and psychological factors.''